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Bronze or Aluminum
Kit includes lid, collar and grounding lug.

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Retrofit Lids
Retrofit lids for Hayward square collars or SP1070 round collar replacements.

Coming Soon!
Retrofits for American Product/Pentair Skimmers.


Professional Swimming Pool Builders Demand the Best
Your reputation is on the line. We understand that—because we are pool builders ourselves. Over the years, it bothered us how those white plastic lids continually failed, deteriorated, cracked, crumbled and broke down. Even on our own pool deck! Those cracked, unsightly lids were not a good reflection on us, or our business.


Strong and Durable
If you’re like most quality builders and designers, you care about building a strong reputation. Choose from either an elegant bronze skimmer lid, or a more traditional-looking aluminum skimmer lid. Both are made of strong rugged metal, and will last forever. They will prove your dedication to quality to your clients.

A Solid Value
Swimming pool installers all across the world are discovering the great value and elegance of our metal skimmer lids. Best of all, it’s a great swimming pool accessory to offer—especially to high-end customers who order a luxury pool. Stock up today, and you can retrofit current customers that have old, unsightly plastic lids. Metal skimmer lids will become the standard in quality installations.

The Professional Choice
Quality metal skimmer lids are the latest in professional swimming pool care. Whether you are a custom pool builder, an inground renovator, architect or landscape designer, give your customers the best. Metal Skimmer Lids. It's a better way to build a swimming pool. Order now by calling toll-free, 1-888-653-7665.

Your customer will thank you. Make your installations standout above the rest.

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