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Bronze or Aluminum
Kit includes lid, collar and grounding lug.

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Retrofit Lids
Retrofit lids for Hayward square collars or SP1070 round collar replacements.

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Retrofits for American Product/Pentair Skimmers.


Consistent Quality
Each lid is precisely finished by our machine shop, and powder coated where applicable. The inner and outer ring patterns of the lid and collar are milled giving a beautiful, symmetrical finish. This ensures uniform quality. Choose from either our fine Bronze lid or our powder coated Aluminum series lids, available in nine colors: White, Antique White, Bronze, Teal, Earth, Red Brick, Gray, Gold Rush Vein, and Copper Vein. All are attractive, popular colors for swimming pool landscaping. Additionally, many custom colors are available upon request.


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Safe and Secure
Our unique diamond shaped pattern on the lid has a slip resistant shot blast finish. This provides customers a firm grip every time—even when wet. Each lid is held securely in the collar with two screws. And each collar is fitted with a bonding lug for grounding according to local electrical codes. Altogether, metal skimmer lids are a fine complement to your swimming pool construction.

Composition: Pure 220 Bronze
Collar Diameter: 10 1/8 "
Collar Height: 7/8"
Set Weight: 10.25 Lbs.

Composition: Pure 319 Aluminum
Collar Diameter: 10 1/8 "
Collar Height: 7/8"
Set Weight: 3.25 Lbs.

A Premium Product
This is truly one of the most innovative new swimming pool products on the market. Whether you’re a swimming pool contractor, or offer pool maintenance and supply—it’s sure to become a must-have accessory. Now, in addition to a pool leaf skimmer, pool safety cover, and pool filter, you can offer the metal skimmer lid as a premium pool product. Customers will appreciate the aesthetically attractive lid—and the convenience of never shopping for new ones. Order now by calling toll-free: 1-888-653-7665.

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