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Bronze or Aluminum
Kit includes lid, collar and grounding lug.

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Retrofit Lids
Retrofit lids for Hayward square collars or SP1070 round collar replacements.

Coming Soon!
Retrofits for American Product/Pentair Skimmers.


Why a metal skimmer lid?

  1. Durability—It lasts forever, unlike white plastic lids that break down.
  2. Beauty—The warm bronze, or coated aluminum finish looks elegant and refined.
  3. Value—Your customers will save on future replacement lids.

Get the lid that lasts forever.
We’ve been involved with pool building and renovations for over 20 years and like you, we have seen plastic skimmer lids crack and break. We replaced them way too many times. That’s why we developed a line of premium skimmer lids. Our lids are formed of bronze and aluminum, so they won’t crack, chip, break or fail.

They look great on any deck.
Whether you’re installing a new pool, or renovating an older one, these quality lids add elegance that discriminating pool owners everywhere will appreciate. Your customers will admire your attention to detail and pride in the overall project. So, go with a metal skimmer lid for your next swimming pool installation. It’s the perfect finishing touch to a fine swimming pool deck.

Great business value.
Metal skimmer lids add great value to any pool-related business. Builders can provide quality from day one. Swimming pool service companies can offer a reliable replacement part. After all, people are investing more in the beauty of their homes. And an aesthetic metal skimmer lid will keep the family pool beautiful and functional for years to come. Providing metal skimmer lids makes good sense—for your customers and your business. Call now and find out how they can buoy your bottom line of your swimming pool supply or pool maintenance business.

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